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Radiant Barrier - TechShieldâ„¢


A Radiant Barrier works by reflecting the heat from the sun that beats down on your home back out away from your home.  Some products like LP® TechShield™ claim to prevent 97% of this heat from entering your home. 

The radiant barrier works like a reflective shield for your home much like the heat shield on the NASA space shuttles that prevent the craft from burning up when it re-enters the earths atmosphere.  In fact, this technology was developed from NASA research.

Technology now exists that allows a radiant barrier to be laminated directly onto the OSB sheathing that is put on the roof decking and exterior walls.  This eliminates the extra labor involved in adding the barrier after construction is completed.

TechShield Roof Decking


Arizona has some of the hottest weather around, so we can benefit more than most by installation of a radiant barrier on an existing home or with new construction.  Some studies show a reduction in your monthly energy up to 30% depending on the size and layout of your home.

Contact us for more information about using roof decking with TechShield™ on your next project, contact Whitton.

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