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2x4 Construction


Historically homes have been framed by solid contiguous walls made of various materials such as concrete and timber, because of the cost and reduced availability of these materials homes over time have moved to light-frame or stick-framing construction methods. 

Stick-framing refers to the use of studs placed vertically with a space of either 16" or 24" inside a wood frame.  This method provides the strength needed and reduces the amount of materials significantly.  To increase the strength even further, typically additional plywood or OSB is placed on the exterior of these framed walls.


Most home builders utilize 2x4 lumber in the construction of homes.  This is the most cost effective size lumber and has been used for many years in the housing industry.

OSB or oriented strand board is typically used as a covering of the exterior walls, this is a specially manufactured board that utilizes various timbers more efficiently than traditional plywood. 

2x4 Construction

Energy Efficient

Modern technology allows for multiple methods to increase the insulation factor of 2x4 walls.  Radiant barriers can be installed, in addition various types of insulation and home wraps are available to seal a wall and increase the insulation rating.

To get the same benefits of a 2x6 framed wall you can also put in place a 1 inch foam barrier on the exterior of the wall.

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